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Think Music.

Play Music.

Musique Space Programmes

Baby Massage (2-12 months)

Parent and child can interact and bond through the sense of nurturing touch and helps to develop body awareness, coordination, suppleness and alertness in the baby. Baby massage stimulates the baby’s senses and strengthens the immune system. It also helps to calm the baby and helps to regulate sleep patterns as well as bring relief to challenges like colic, constipation and teething.

Joyful Noise (1-2 years old)

       Trial Classes available

Children of all ages express themselves through music. Even at an early age, toddlers sway, bounce, or move in response to music they hear. At Joyful Noise, parents and toddlers will enjoy singing songs, creating their own tunes and reproducing rhythms using different musical instruments.

Sound Shapers (3-4 years old) Year 1

       Trial Classes available

The Sound Shapers programme lays a strong foundation for music making by breaking music down into its ‘ingredients’, also known as the rudiments of music - tempo, dynamics, rhythm, pitch, texture, and timbre. These ‘ingredients’ are taught and reinforced through activities such as drum circle, ensemble playing, music and movement, singing, performing, and games!

Music Makers (4-5 years old) Year 2

Music Makers builds on the Sound Shapers programme, reinforcing the rudiments of music and developing a deeper understanding by making connections between these ‘ingredients’. This enables the class to progress to develop musical literacy, aural skills, improvisation through a higher level of repertoire and a heavier emphasis on pitched percussion.

Key Players (5-7 years old)

       Trial Classes available

Key Players eases students into piano playing using their knowledge of musical ‘ingredients’ and experience with performing, listening, and improvising in the Sound Shapers and Music Makers programme. This programme uses the Simultaneous Learning approach, ensuring that students not only develop piano playing skills, but have a holistic understanding of music making.

Individual Piano Lessons (5 years & above)

Individual piano lessons are suitable for kids and adults interested in taking ABRSM exams as well as those who just wish to be proficient in playing the piano. Students will hone a variety of skills such as playing techniques, practice techniques, improvisation, theory, aural, and sight-reading.

Music Sense

Music Sense is an adaptation of our in-house music programmes, modified for children with special needs. A differentiated music programme, we customise the curriculum to cater to the needs of each child. This programme can be conducted individually or in small groups. Music Sense is developed and conducted by teachers with training and experience in special education and early intervention.

Prime Piano

It’s never too late to learn! The Prime Piano programme caters to adults who wish to learn basic keyboard skills such as note-recognition, chord-recognition, and improvisation. Learners can be assured that adult piano lessons are tailored to meet their individual learning pace. This programme can be conducted individually or in small groups in Singapore.

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