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Why Musique Space?

Musique Space is a place where all parents can come and start their child’s music education from the very beginning of life. Music is a core part of the human experience, a powerful tool for learning and brain/body development, and is so gentle and comforting that it can be enjoyed and shared by both parent and child.


Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, the leading researcher in early-childhood music and author of the most widely used music aptitude tests, divides music aptitude into tonal and rhythm aptitude and says the most effective means of nurturing a child’s tonal and rhythm aptitude is to provide them with a rich environment of singing and moving. 


What does this mean in terms of appropriate music education for children?  There are 4 simple activities that should be kept in mind when you’re choosing a music programme for your child in Singapore: 

  • singing simple songs

  • tonal and rhythm patterns

  • continuous and flowing movement activities

  • steady beat activities


If a child can’t sing in tune and move in time, he will have difficulty playing an instrument with good intonation or rhythm.  With a strong foundation of singing and movement, he will develop the necessary skills required to become an independent musician and derive great pleasure from music.  If music is a source of joy and success for children, they will have a life-long appreciation for music.  This is what we strive to achieve for all the children in Musique Space. 


At Musique Space, we have programmes that address the unique developmental needs of children at each age. By focusing on their natural inclination, Musique Space helps young children develop a love of music and the skills to play it through a series of activity-filled age-appropriate lessons. Your child isn't too young to start learning at Musique Space. In fact, we have music classes for babies, music classes for toddlers and a variety of music classes for preschoolers and beyond near you.

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